Welcome to Siam Therapy, Kilkenny’s longest established Thai massage business. Our philosophy is to provide the best Thai massage techniques, with great customer service. Relax in the hands of our qualified therapists in a peaceful environment away from the hectic outside world. Treat yourself to this unique experience with one of our relaxing treatments.


Traditional Thai Massage

60min - €65

A unique and ultimate body massage. Passed down through generations, the Traditional Thai Massage is a blend of deep tissue massage using pressure points and stretching techniques. It releases tension, increases vitality and flexibility, and creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Therapeutic Massage

60min - €60

90min - €85

A tailor-made therapeutic full body and scalp massage including face reflexology. Applying oil, your therapist will put you into a state of complete relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage

60min - €60

90min - €90

120min - €115

Our most aromatic and relaxing massage using specially blended oils. A combination of strokes and acupressure techniques, this soothing and gentle massage allows the healing properties of these natural oils to penetrate into the skin, leaving you relaxed with a sense of well being.

Deep Healing Massage

60min - €65

90min - €90

120min - €120

Using warm oil to stimulate and revitalize you. Warming to the body, this deep massage increases circulation and soothes sore muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Designed for those who lead a more active lifestyle, or for those who prefer a deep massage.

Foot Massage

60min - €60

Soothe your soul with acupressure that is applied to zones of your feet that correspond to all parts of your body and organs. This treatment stimulates your body’s own healing and balancing process.

Back & Shoulder Massage

30min - €40

Increase your energy with a reviving upper body massage, focusing on key areas to relieve tension and ease the muscles. For those who require focused attention on the back while also enjoying a complete face, scalp and shoulder massage.

Calming Salt Body Scrub

40min - €40

Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin with our unique body scrub. This specially blended salt lotion peels away old skin tissue, and unblocks pores, allowing your skin to breathe again. A gentle, soft moisturiser is applied after showering, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Calming Salt Body Scrub & Back Massage

75min - €75

Treat yourself to all the benefits of a Body Scrub and our unique Back & Shoulder massage, which will focus on key areas of your back to relieve the stress and tension from those overworked muscles.

Calming Salt Body Scrub & Body Massage

95min - €95

Treat yourself to this sublime detoxifying massage, which combines all the benefits of a body scrub and a Therapeutic oil massage. It revitalizes and refreshes the skin and also eases the aches and pains of your tired and overworked muscles, invigorating and re-energizing the body, mind and spirit.

Opening Hours

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Health & Safety

We are following all the guidelines issued by the government to keep our customers safe.

  • Strict screening guidelines adhered to.
  • Strict cleaning and infection control guidelines adhered to
  • 1 client, 1 staff per hour

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